Title 24 Services
Berkeley Energy Compliance provides expert compliance analysis and documentation for all construction projects regulated by the
California Building Energy Efficiency Standards. We work out of an architect's office. All projects are reviewed and signed off by the lead
architect, John Britton AIA. John has been involved in the derivation and implimenation of the Standards since 1978 and is a founding
member of the California Association of Building Energy Consultants.
Send prints to: BEC, 940 Dwight Way, Suite One, Berkeley, CA 94710
Send PDF's to energy@title24-bec.com
Questions / Advice
...Single Family Homes including Additions & Alterations; some Multifamily Projects.
...Multifamily Projects with more than 3 stories (including Additions & Alterations)
...New compliance category for the 2005 Standards
...Envelope / Lighting / HVAC
...Primarily Lighting changes and HVAC extensions