Title 24 Services ... Existing Conditions
What you provide us here can make a tremendous difference in the stringency of your Energy Code compliance requirements.
Years of experience with our clients projects, and our own building projects, have shown us that when you provide some simple, clear
information about your existing building on your drawings, your Energy Plan Check will go smoothly.
In short, the Plan Checker needs to find all of the same information on your drawings that we used in the analysis. It's up to you to put it
there ... but we have a short set of guidelines that will simplify your job.
Send prints to: BEC, 940 Dwight Way, Suite One, Berkeley, CA 94710
Send PDF's to energy@title24-bec.com
What should be on your drawings before Berkeley Energy goes to work:
What should be on your drawings when you get your T24 Report back from Berkeley Energy: